MFS York Stormor Grain Bins

MFS York Stormor Grain Bins

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We are a proud dealer of MFS / YORK / STORMOR storage bins in Southeastern Idaho.

MFS AGRI II storage bins are made durable for farm applications and are available in three models with sizes ranging from 1,000 to 88,000 bushels capacity. If you are looking for a farm bin, hopper-bottom bin, or a feed bin, we encourage you to take a look at this line.

For a commercial-type grain, take a look at the MFS commercial grain storage options. They offer the following choices of application: specific standard or hopper bins. Smart engineering, durable materials, and decades of field-proven experience combine to offer superior quality in these grand, commercial storage systems.

The commercial hopper bins are built for long lofe and ultimate ease of unloading. Sidewalls, stiffeners , and fasteners are of the same specifications and quality as our traditional commercial bins. The roof is assembled from extra-strength steel panels for additional protection from blowing rain and snow. Supporting columns are wide-flange beams with heavy-duty tie-rod braces, bolted solidly to the steel substructure.

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