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A&R Corporation is located in Idaho Falls, ID and currently has three companies within this location: A&R Fabrication, A&R Equipment Sales, and A&R Crane Services. Each of these companies was acquired separately at different times for their unique strengths and advantages.

Since 1982, the A&R name has been known throughout the agricultural community as an onsite service company and as an equipment sales company you can depend on.

Today, A&R Corporation offers a unique family of excellence through these three companies. A&R Fabrication brings custom fabrication from concept to completion along with a full, onsite service team. A&R Equipment Sales provides the agricultural community with thousands of equipment parts options from small pieces to full, turnkey facilities.

A&R Crane Services has the lifting ability to service the needs of A&R Fabrication and A&R Equipment Sales as well as provide the services of our highly trained and licensed operators on an hourly basis to individuals, contractors, and business as needed.

Contact us today to explore the advantages we offer at: 208.529.9190.

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