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Model CF116E

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Model CF116E | SKU: AR-CF128E, as shown, is $38,298

These bulk box dumpers are custom fabricated with pride here at A&R Fabrication, Inc. in Idaho Falls, ID.

This specific bulk box dumper model CF116E will hold 116 cubic feet in the hopper. It was designed to rotate a seed box 180° in a closed containment area for dust control. A seed box is approximately 54 cubit each.

Operating this box dumper is as easy as pushing a button. A forklift operator will open the doors by pushing a button, then insert a full seed box, and press a button to close the doors. Once the doors are closed, the operator pushes a button to rotate the seed box, dumping the contents into the hopper. After its contents are dumped into the hopper, the operator can press a button to rotate the seed box back and open the doors to remove the seed box.

The model CF116E provides dust control when dumping the contents of a seed box by allowing the box dumper to be plumbed into an existing bag house. The doors seal and close off the dumping area allowing the general dust to be evacuated. It also provides feed control when adjusting the slide gate located at the bottom of the hopper.

Bulk Box Dumper Model CF116E

  • Carbon Steel Construction

  • Tubular Steel Support Structure

  • Primer and Premium Enamel Paint Finish

  • Hydraulic Rotation Motor to Dump the Seed Box

  • Pneumatic Operated Doors

  • Choice of electrical – 220/240, 440/480

  • Two (2) Front Doors with Rubber Seals

  • Totally Enclosed Box Dumping Area, with Stub Out for Dust Collection

  • Push-Button Controls (Open/Close Doors, Rotate Seed Box, Power On/Off)

  • CAD Drawings Provided Prior to Construction

There are several options available – such as wireless remote control, automatic or manual gate on the dust collection, automatic or manual feed gate on the hopper, level indicators on the hopper, bulk scale (weigh hopper) at the hopper outlet, and vibratory feeders. These box dumpers are custom built with the option of different sizes, volumes, and configurations to meet your specific requirements.

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